Care & Maintenance

At Meridian we sell the highest quality furnishings using only the finest fabrics and materials. And by following our basic care and maintenance guidelines you will be able to enjoy your new purchase for many years to come.

To keep your furniture looking its best, there are a number of general factors to take into consideration. From the location of your furniture, to the way you use it can all affect its preservation and longevity. Factors such as placing items them next to radiators for example can increase the risk of heat damage or discolouration with furniture placed next to external walls being prone to moisture build-up.

Being mindful of sharp objects such as buckles, rings or even the claws of your pets that can all tear and scratch the furniture is important too. Avoiding sitting on the arms of your sofa or cushions which can add excess pressure to seams and cause distortion to the padding of the fabricis also recommended. As is keeping away from direct sunlight to avoid fading damage.

Cushion Care

All cushions require regular and ongoing maintenance. The easiest methods are to regularly ‘plump’ and change cushions or simply flip them over to distribute wear. Some fabrics may naturally ‘creep’ or ‘slide’ over time with use but flipping will minimise this.

Foam-wrapped Fibre

These cushions are manufactured using only the best reflex foams with a light fibre wrap applied to further improve comfort and appearance. This cushion provides a more tailored look and requires the least amount of maintenance, although cushions still require plumping and turning to even out wear and prolong their durability.

Stain Protection

Everyone should have the benefit of enjoying their furniture, for many years to come – whatever life throws at it (quite literally). It’s why many of the fabrics we work with come with built in stain protection including the advanced Fibre guard and Aqua clean technology.Suitable for home, for work and for you.

Aqua clean isa revolutionary treatment that allows you to clean stains using water only, providing simple fabric maintenance in the minimum amount of time, helping to remove the majority of household stains from wine, ink, sauce, mud and chocolate. And making life easier all round!

Fibre guard technology is also built into many of the fabric options we use at Meridian. 100% life proof, Fibre guard fabrics are family, pet friendly and built to meet the demands of both residential and professional use. Proven both to be stain resistant and long-lasting, these fabrics are engineered from the inside out to perform and are the result of years of research by interior designers and textile engineers.

For more information on protecting your fabrics please contact our sales team who will be happy to advise you.

Cleaning Fabric

We recommend that you use a professional furniture dry cleaning service for both fixed and loose cushion covers where appropriate. Before applying any cleaning detergents or water, please consult our sales team for information about your specific fabric.

Fading & Sun Damage

No fabric is 100 percent colourfast, but fading can be prevented if the correct precautions are followed.Dyed fabrics, particularly those dyed in bright colours, are most susceptible to fading.

Upholstery should not be exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time as this may result in the fabric degrading or fading.Constant exposure to the direct rays of the sun can break down the fabric fibres, causing them to become brittle and increasing the risk of a rip or tear during cleaning. South facing rooms, in particular are exposed to the most sunlight.


Exposure to humidity can cause deterioration of your item so protect your furniture from moist environments like a bathroom, damp basement or near water.


Pilling is usually a result of wear and tear, but climatic conditions and air quality are also contributing factors. Pilling is not a defect and can easily be removed using battery operated pilling devices available from most haberdashery stores.

Caring For Different Fabrics


Velvets, particularly more natural velvet fabrics, can be prone to marking caused by pressure in transit or in use. Most marks can be removed by smoothing the velvet with a soft brush and/or gentle steaming. In some natural velvets, crushing is an inherent characteristic and cannot be removed.

Upholstery (Fabric)

Occasionally use a soft brush vacuum cleaner on fabric seat covers. For spillages, soak with an absorbent cloth with blotting actions. To avoid spreading, work from the outside in with spills.

Leather and Faux Leather

Do not exert too much force when cleaning leather. Wipe occasionally with a damp cloth and a mild detergent and water solution. Allow to dry naturally and buff with a clean dry cloth. Do NOT use polish, saddle soaps or sprays on the leather. Real leather will naturally wear over time in high traffic areas and seat spots.

Silk & Satins

Silk is made from very delicate fibres and must be treated with the utmost care. Be sure to keep far from radiators and away from direct sunlight.

Banqueting And Fixed Seating

Maintaining and cleaning your banquette and fixed seating will largely depend on the upholstery type and banquette design and style. Fixed seating will need to be cleaned and inspected regularly

  • Wipe down with a soft, slightly damp cloth and dry with a lint free cloth. Leather can be maintained with an occasional mild water and detergent solution. Fabric can be maintained with a soft brush vacuum cleaner (see upholstery guidelines).
  • Be sure to clean crumbs and dirt from all grooves and joins in your banquette seating.
  • Inspect all deep button seating for dirt and build up.
  • Clean kick board areas from any dirt marks from shoes and bags.
  • Wine, coffee and tea spills can cause immediate discolouration, dry and clean immediately to avoid permanent marks.
  • Care must be taken moving modular seating around as dragging can cause damage to the joints within the wooden frame